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Best places to get a Vietnamese Massage therapy in Hanoi - Tips and notes

What is Vietnamese Massage technique ? what it is suitable for 

Each country has it own unique massage technique, so does Vietnam. The art of Vietnamese Traditional massage has extended outside the country and been a favourite basic massage in Vietnam to many tourists. Traveling to Hanoi, getting a Traditional Massage therapy in Old quarter area is a must!. 

The Vietnamese traditional massage therapy in Hanoi, also called “Tam Quat” is a technique focusing on stimulating blood circulation by punching and clapping on the treatment areas. Placing pressure directly on the afflicted muscles will help you to relieve pain and help you relax. It may sound rough to people who are unfamiliar, but the technique is surprisingly soothing and relaxing, suitable for all people, event who are new to massage. 

Types of Vietnamese Massage therapy in Hanoi that can help you prepare for your relaxing vacation. 

Basic traditional body massage therapy usually starts with a facial and head massage. The masseur massages your forehead and cheek with their fingers, and then gently rubs against your eyes and the back of your neck and move on to massage your head. After that, your back, legs and arms are massaged. All acupressure points are pressed during the therapy to increase the circulation you need to remove toxins and stress from your body. finally, they will perform punching and percussion on your whole body from the back to the legs. this is more suitable as an intro to massage

Vietnamese 4 handed massage therapy is an elevated version of Tam Quat, using scynchronyzation of clapping and punching of 2 massage therapists. the Purpose is to increase the speed and give you a simultaneous massage on the back and legs. 

Vietnamese cupping therapy is not a popular menu of every spa in Hanoi. The therapy is usually found in some traditional places practicing Vietnamese medicine. it should be performed by professionals and requires applying correct heat to your body. At first, the masseurs will move the heated cup across your back to loosen up the muscles. After that, the warm cups will be placed on the waist to shoulders for about 5 - 10 minutes. The vacuum on a part of flesh created by the heat will help to relieve pain, tension, and prevent cramps on the treatment areas. As a result, the massage therapist can work deeper on the muscle which is why this is usually suitable for athletes, your when you have lots of muscle pains. 

The cupping therapy is not recommended for people with heart disease, skin injuries and women in menstruation or pregnancy. Make sure your therapist are well aware of your health condition before your massage session. 

Where you should get a Vietnamese massage therapy in Hanoi? 

There are countless spas in Hanoi that offer the traditional Vietnamese massage  and 4 handed massage therapy. The Spa in Old Quarter area are normally chosen by travellers, as the receptions and probably the masseurs can speak English. Other locations are more open to locals. 

What price would you pay for a Vietnamese massage? 

Following the location diversity, the price also varies significantly from less than 5 dollars (VND 100,000) to round a few hundred dollars depending on what massage package you choose and which spa in Hanoi you are in. 

The cheap massage is not necessarily bad, many local people and even foreigners find satisfaction when pay only VND 100,000 for their body massage session in Hanoi. However bear in mind that the low price spas in Hanoi may offer the bare minimum facilities as all they may focus on delivering is the massage technique only.

If you opt to a true relaxing and decent massage experience in a soothing ambience then a more expensive or even luxury price therapy is surely a safer choice. As mentioned above, these types of spas in Hanoi are easily found when you wandering around Hoan Kiem Lake. 

La én May Spa is one of the best luxury spas in Hanoi French Quarter, offering this technique combined with the use of ginger extract and Himalayan Salt filled therapeutic pillows, this combination helps to boost the blood circulation, bringing nutrients and oxygen to cells and remove toxins from the body. 

We believe the body, mind and spirit need to be nurtured as one, aligned and in harmony. At La énMay Spa, we offer holistic treatments and therapies focused on the three pillars of movement, breathe and healing which underpin our well-being philosophy.

*La énMay Spa, of La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel & Spa, is located in the most tranquil area of the hotel that lies in heart of the capital's vibrant cultural districts. We strive to become one of the best Luxury Spas in Central Hanoi with our wide range of spa and massage services, from different types of body massage, foot massage to facial treatment and many others. We take great pride in having a team of highly skilled spa therapists who ensure 100% customer satisfaction as well as using the finest ethically and locally sourced organic ingredients. 

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